I Like My Food on A Stick

18 Sep

The fair, family and Surly Furious – a  (Minnesota) nice weekend

With my sisters getting older and therefor busier with their own lives I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to piggy back on a work trip and spend Labor Day Weekend with my family.  To make it even better Mike also flew in to join in the festivities. In addition to the fair, highlights of the five day trip included bike riding along the new trails around Lino Lakes, a Surly Brewery tour and a night out in downtown Minneapolis with drinks at the top of The Foshay.

MNSF 2012!
Californians just don’t understand how epic the Minnesota State Fair  really is. I smile and nod politely as they  reflect on the “awesome corn dog” they ate or the at another fair while in head I’m thinking you poor thing. You have no idea.

Friday morning Brynn, Mike and I got up early filled with deep-fried excitement and set out for a full day at the fair. With her busy work and Lino Lakes Ambassador schedule Brooke wasn’t able to join us for but luckily she and I had some alone time together the night before doing some damage at the Mall of America.

We have arrived!

The three amigos got down to business having no issue digging into deep-fried cheese curds at 9 a.m.

It was the deep-fried cookie dough at 9:15 a.m. that may have been concerning…

9 a.m., Food Items #1 & #2: Grilled Shrimp & Cheese Curds

#3: Deep-fried cookie dough on a stick

Oof, after that breakfast of champions we headed over to the MN Rollergirls Booth and threw some pitches at the St. Paul Saints booth.

Deadeye #12


Enough with the calorie-burning, time for some morning brews at the MN Craft Brewer’s Guild Land of 10,000 Beers.

Beers and maps?!?!? For Mike, it doesn’t get any better.

Are we hired?

So talented

Off to the animal barns.


I wouldn’t want this running around my yard based on the size of its claws alone.

I was really into the all-you-can-drink chocolate milk this year. I guess I needed something to wash down the giant turkey sandwich Brynn and I shared. Interestingly enough the turkey stand was located right outside the poultry barn…


Despite it being before noon it seemed wrong to have milk in one hand without cookies in the other. Dessert #2!

Sweet Martha

In continuing with the theme of breaking societal eating rules, Brynn and I proceeded to jump on the most nauseating ride we could find with a belly full of turkey, cookies and milk.

I’m scared!

Oui. I’m getting to old for this.

I think I’m gonna…

Ride #2 – more spinning.

So. Dizzy.

Demonstrating the whiplash we experienced on the ride.

Continuing to scare the crap out of Sarah…

Back to business.

Wild Rice Burger with White Cheddar.

Cajun walleye – hands down best food item of the day.

Deep-fried Mac-n-Cheese on a stick

Cheeseburger sticks

That guy from “The Voice” on a stick

Mike would save his beer if he was abducted by Big Foot

When (Kemps) cows attack

Squeaky clean


I’d say it was a successful day at the fair and a wonderful time spent at home.


One Response to “I Like My Food on A Stick”

  1. Shari September 19, 2012 at 4:46 pm #

    I’m ready to go to the Fair again after seeing all the food pictures, next year I’m doing the Walleye!

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