Christmas 2011

2 Jan

Christmas 2011 was a whirlwind of activities, family, food and fun.

We flew to Minneapolis, but had to leave Collina behind

"If I blend in with the suitcases, maybe they'll take me with..."

We baked cookies



Sugar cookies!


Mike's mom showed us how to make Mike's favorite - Pecan fingers!


We forgot about our cinnamon rolls

We decorated a XXL gingerbread man from Trader Joe’s

Not my gumdrop buttons!

And then we proceeded to torture him



And tortured him some more


Brynn a.k.a. "dead eye"


Mike...he's beginning to look like swiss cheese...

We went to a beautiful church service at EagleBrook

I'm going to try to live by this verse this year!

 We had a wonderful dinner on Christmas Eve

Ham, sweet potatoes, cauliflower with cream sauce, cranberry salad, Swedish meatballs and rolls!

We wore cheese

Christmas Day at Gram's

 We went to the Swedish Institute

Traditional Christmas dinner table

The institute is in a beautiful castle-style building

 We were lazy

Watching Chronicles of Narnia in a pile of candy wrappers

Then Mike and I had to fly home to San Francisco

Cheese! head? - every child at the SF airport

Merry Christmas!


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