Will Bike for Beer

10 Dec

It is pretty interesting how many of our adventures are driven by about-to-expire Groupons. In this case we had a one for a brewery up in Marin County, about 20+ miles north of San Francisco, so the promise of one last nice weekend paired with the impeding deal deadline led us on a bike ride on a crisp, cool Sunday afternoon.

As any North Bay route does, our ride kicked off with a trip over the Golden Gate Bridge. We’ve lived in San Francisco for five years and the view as you approach this iconic structure never ceases to amaze me. I’m pretty sure I breathe the words “I’m so lucky” to myself every time I see it.

Having the honor of going to the top of the north tower a couple years ago as a reward for the completion of a project I worked on with the Bridge District was such a great honor and something I’ll never forget. I  know that when we move away the bridge will always bring back a flood of memories. It is the gateway to our adventures up north and the warm welcome home when we return.

Biking out of Sausalito

Our bike route took us through the cute bay-side town of Sausalito, along a marsh and through the new Cal Park tunnel into San Rafael. Our friend Ryan jumped in with us in Sausalito.

Cal Park Tunnel

Downtown San Rafael was adorable. We don’t really see the fall leaves in the City, so I really enjoyed the bursts of color all around us.

Mike biking down Main Street San Rafael

Cruising down Main Street, we arrived at Broken Drum which looked like a converted diner.

Broken Drum Brewery

Between the three of us we shared two tasters. Sadly, we were really unimpressed with their beer. The IPA was not hoppy at all and the carbonation was low on a handful of them. They did however provide a first for me – a craft brewery-made Mexican lager. It was good and light just like a Pacifico or Corona.

After finishing the tasters and some eats we checked the schedule for the ferry which would take us back to the City…one in 2 minutes and then 2 hours until the next one. Whoops, I guess we should have looked that up earlier.

So hmm, we’ve got two hours to burn and our current location has sub-par beer. The situation was looking grim until we remember that the fantastic Marin Brewing Company was right near the Ferry Terminal. Duh. I guess our legs weren’t the only things feeling tired.

The three of us peddled over to MBC where they were in the process of brewing a batch of beer, so we were welcomed with the warm, delicious smell of wort. Mmm..

We all shared their sampler and the seasonal Hoppy Holidaze was deemed the favorite by all. It is a spiced, sweet Christmas Ale which tastes a lot like my current obsession – the Anchor Steam 2011 Christmas Ale.

22 oz. bottles to go were exceptionally cheap at $3.50 each, so we bough three – 1 for us, 1 for Ryan to take to his girlfriend and 1 to enjoy on the ferry ride home.

Time to catch the ferry!

Shoving off.

Mike and Ryan enjoying their beer on the ferry

I like that picture of Ryan and Mike because you can clearly see the mustaches they are still sporting from MOvember.

Arriving back in the City via ferry provides an epic view of our picturesque city. As the skyline appears before us I look out the window and once again whisper “I am so lucky.”

Thank you God for the Bay Area’s beauty and the opportunity to live amongst it.


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