Italy Part II – Cinque Terre

29 Nov

Ah, the Cinque Terre. 

This was going to be the relaxing portion of our trip and, by our standards, I’d say it was.

Mike and I tend to be overly ambitious in our travels forgetting that one of the main goals of a vacation is to relax. I’m not sure if it is the fear of missing something or just the general excitement of being somewhere new that drives us to set an alarm every morning and remain on our feet all day minus the occasional (well frequent) meal.

These five beautiful cities lining Italy’s western coast were described as the Italian Riviera and promised time spent soaking up ocean views, wine tasting, slow-paced meals and wandering the narrow, winding streets of the brightly-colored sea towns. Each of the five towns, connected by hiking trails and a fast train, provided a grand and unique experience.

We spent our three nights in the quiet and quaint town of Manarola know for its hilltop vineyards and winery and deep-water swimming. A lovely couple managed the very inexpensive room we stayed in. It was located on the second floor of purple-colored building high on a hill providing gorgeous views of the ocean. One of my favorite memories of our time there was enjoying the sunset from our window while sipping a glass of the homebrew wine we brought from Venice.


Favorite Cinque Terre Memories

Hiking the Trails Between the Five Towns

Follow the arrows

It was actually harder than we expected!

Coming into Vernazza

View back on Monterosso Al Mare

Heading into Vernazza

Coffee break

Enjoying a Fresh Seafood Dinner Near the Docks

Beautiful seafood restaurant by the docks

Stuffed muscles

Fresh seafood salad - best meal of the trip!

Sampling the Local Wine

Cinque (5) Terre Winery

The region specialized in white and sweet wines.

Watching Mike Swim in the Cove in Manarola

Getting ready to jump in!


Cannon ball!

The water was so clear

Taking the Wine Walk High Above our Town of Manarola

Heading out with Rick Steves

Up the trail

Off to the left - wineries above the town

Enjoying the Sunset from Our Window

Cheers to the view



Well documented

Devouring Deep-Fried Sardines and Pesto – The Local Specialties

Pesto pizza

Pesto and handmade pasta

Pesto foccacia

Deep-fried fishes

Tasty fried sardines


2 Responses to “Italy Part II – Cinque Terre”

  1. jordan @ thedancingdonut December 8, 2011 at 1:35 pm #

    beautiful pictures, sarah!! just wanted to tell you i got your cookies in the mail and they are AMAZING. thank you so, so much! i love them 🙂

  2. sarahsonn December 10, 2011 at 11:27 am #

    Wonderful! I’m glad you enjoyed them. They are one of my favorites when I need a chocolate fix. Can’t wait to see what you sent out!

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