It’s My Birthday

21 Sep

And I’ll Cry if I Want To…

I am 27-years-old today and my eyes flood with tears as I write this, not from feelings of sadness about getting older or regret for wasted time; the tears come because I just feel so blessed.

  1. I have a loving husband who works hard to make our relationship the best it possibly can be
  2. I have a supportive family who always has my back, offers up continuous advice and gives the biggest outpouring of love I could ever ask for
  3. I have younger sisters who through their creativity, hard work and humor make me more proud of them every day
  4. I have spent 4.5 years in the amazing city of San Francisco where I have seen and experienced the most amazing things – hiking mass rock formations in Yosemite, wine tasting all over California, sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, snowboarding the epic mountains of Lake Tahoe, road tripping down the coast in a VW van and daily “tales of the city” that begin with “You’ll never believe what I just saw…”
  5. I have mentored an 11-year-old girl for the past year through my local YMCA
  6. I work at a job which has enabled me to improve my city, wear a hardhat, win some awards and even throw an event featuring Nancy Pelosi
  7. I have become close with a group of friends here who I can laugh with, confide in and even complain to
  8. I started this blog!
  9. I came up with a business concept that I would easily characterize as my “dream job”
  10. I started taking a business class to help me take the steps to make this dream job, my reality job
I am older, wiser and looking forward to the adventures to come. On the day of my birth, I am reminded that I am so incredibly blessed.

Thanks Tim


2 Responses to “It’s My Birthday”

  1. Tim O' January 31, 2012 at 12:44 pm #

    You’re welcome Sarah……. hope I got the chords right.

    • sarahsonn February 13, 2012 at 8:18 pm #

      It was perfect!

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