California, California, How I Love You, California…

17 Aug

Music. Especially live music. It completely inspires me. Music seems to be one of the few things that resonate with us all. Nothing makes me feel more connected than a good song. Nothing expresses my feelings better than great lyrics.

Me and music, we are long lost friends just waiting to reconnect. Attending live shows used to be such an important part of my life, but since moving to San Francisco, like many high school friends, we’ve drifted apart. That is why my new resolution is to see more live music. I’m not a huge fan of big name bands at packed arenas, I much prefer how personal a small venue with a two-foot-high stage feels…and San Francisco has many amazing options.

On a quest to actually fulfill my resolution, I was perusing the Cafe Du Nord music calendar, a local venue on Market Street. Mike found, and instantly was drawn to, a band called the Milk Carton Kids. They were from LA, with a Minnesota tie and had a folk, rock sound and a Tuesday night slot at the venue. Perfect. So therein lied last night’s adventure.

I have been to Cafe Du Nord a couple times now and have taken a shine to a little bar next door called the Lucky 13. With the free popcorn, dive-y vibe and great beer selection, it is the perfect stop before a show.

Mike and I each settled into a bar stool and scoped out the chalkboard. Lucky 13 did not disappoint. It was still happy hour so we ordered three beers to share: Russian River Pliney the Elder (!!!), Laugintas Little Sumpin’ and Leffe Blond (in a Chimay glass). All delicious. All hard to find on tap. The first victory of the night.

Pliney, Little Sumpin' and Leffe (left to right)

Second victory (and my personal favorite) – POPCORN! I’m obsessed. Places that have a free reign popcorn machine are my kind of places. Yum!


Enjoying the tasty snack.

After finishing our popcorn and drinks we migrated over to the venue for the show.

The opening “band” was Andrew Belle, an awesomely soulful artist who was apparently featured in a Microsoft Commercial…no wonder he sounded familar.

Andrew Belle (from far away)

Then the Milk Carton Kids came on.

Milk Carton Kids!We pushed right up to the  front. They played a great set including the two songs I fell in love with (see videos below).

Mike and I during MCK's set. Rockin the nerd glasses!

We left the show feeling awesome. Not too bad for a Tuesday night. But wait, there’s more. Another benefit of seeing a show at Cafe Du Nord is the ride home on one of the historic F Line street cars. Glorious.

Heading home in style.

This show absolutely reaffirmed my feelings of needing more music in my life. Next up?

Milk Carton Kids “Permanent” and “California”


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