“Go Use Your Groupons”

14 Aug

Adventures sprung from coupons nearly forgotten…

Whoops, thanks for the reminder. I nearly forgot. I bought those Groupons nearly a year ago and now they are about to expire.

Realizing (via a “Go use your Groupons” e-mail reminder) that our Planet Granite and Presidio Golf Club Groupons were about to expire, Mike and I set out on Saturday to first learn to belay and then hit some balls at Presidio Golf Club.

Shortly after arriving via bike at the climbing gym which is located along Crissy Field near the Golden Gate Bridge just down the street from my office, we suited up in our harnesses.

View of the Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field

The instructor first taught us to tie a figure eight knot which secures the rope to the climber’s harness. Mike, of course, got it down immediately and I didn’t do half bad either.  We then learned to belay for our partner.

On our intial  practice run with the instructor I climbed and Mike belayed. I quickly scurried up the first three quarters of the wall, but all of a sudden became aware of the height and stopped. After a couple nervous, sweaty-palmed seconds I successfully completed my climb to the top. Mike skillfully lowered me down and then we reversed roles.

We both really enjoyed the entire experience and are planning to climb again soon!

Mike about to climb a medium difficulty wall

After climbing, we grabbed some lunch at the Beach Hut Cafe and then hopped on our bikes and headed to Presidio Golf Club.

Our deal was for two large buckets of balls and two beers. The bar has some great options on tap. We chose the Ninkasi IPA and the New Belgium Hoptober. The Ninkasi was a winner.

A little windy, but still a beautiful day, we spent the next hour hitting balls at the range. Mike and I both did pretty well considering neither of us had picked up a club in years.

Like riding a bike...

After climbing and biking and golfing, we decided it was time for some dinner.

With the rest of the city at Outside Lands, we took the opportunity to try the famous deep dish  at Little Star Pizza, which normally involved an extremely long wait for a table.

The pizza was SO amazing. Cornmeal crust and delicious sauce.


Half Little Star half Classic. SO good!

I love trying new things, so this was really an ideal day for me. Cheers!


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